New Server Cabinet!

While I'm sure most people would agree that a server cabinet is a lot nicer than an open four post rack, but they are also heavier, take up more space, require better cooling, and substantially more expensive.

Thanks to the wonder Craigslist, I lucked into an older 22U cabinet for $100! It's made by Racal-Datacom, which is no longer in business, but the cabinet is in great shape. The seller, whose dad owns an auction company, told me that a local bank closed and they bought out all the equipment which included 5 of these cabinets, which were in the basement. I can't seem to find a model number or any information online, but I do have some rough measurements.

Outer Dimenisons

  • 43" Tall
  • 32" Deep
  • 23" Wide

I do know the interior is a standard 19" wide, but I'm not 100% on the number of rack units. I believe it's 22U, but it may be 20U. It's definitely larger than an 18U, and can't be anymore than 25U. On the front door it has a smoked plexiglass panel, which looks nice. The rear door has 3 fans mounted on the inside, guessing they are 140mm fans. They are wired together to a 2-prong AC plung. Solid top, and solid sides, while the front and back doors have locks, with 2 keys. Even came with a single black matching shelf!

Wanna see some pics? Okay. Ignore the messy garage, and dust since I haven't had time to clean it up yet.

Ain't she purdy??! Don't worry, I'll post more pictures once I have my equipment in the rack, including my newly aquired Dell R610!

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