[Z-Wave Review] Zooz Contact Sensor (ZSE08)

Z-Wave Module review number six!!

ZOOZ Contact Sensor (model ZSE08)

What is it?

The Zooz Contact Sensor is a basic door/window sensor.

This device contains a Z-Wave Plus chip and includes a 1-year warranty.

Why would I want this?

Door/Window sensors are the core of any Z-Wave network. They're very straightforward in how they work, with a two piece design and long battery life. The main sensor (the larger piece) contains the Z-Wave sensor and a small piece of metal that makes contact when the smaller piece, containing a magnet, get's near. Once that circuit is closed, the sensor reports in an off state. Sensors like this can be used for things such as notifications when a door is open (or left open), or an action such as turning a light on or locking a door.

Does it work?

Yes, and quite well. This sensor has only 2 configurable parameters, so there's not much to it, but when the sensor opens or closes, it updates almost instantly to the Z-Wave controller.

What's in the box?

Like the other Zooz product I reviewed, I was very happy with the packaging. Basically a plastic tray inside of a cardboard box with the 2 piece sensor neatly in place, with 2 documentation booklets (user manual, and the awesome advanced configuration booklet).

Front of box

Once you remove the tray from the box, you find the plug, the booklets, as well as mounting hardware.

Inside the box

The cover on the main sensor is easily removable and reveals the CR2 battery and Z-Wave button.

Plug Front

Was the inclusion easy?

Like most newer sensor, this one has an auto-inclusion mode. Simply put your Z-Wave controller in Inclusion mode, remove the plastic tab from the battery, and done. Now if you've already removed the plastic tab, you simply press the inclusion button twice, fast, once the controller is in inclusion mode. That's it.

Now I did have to create the configuration for Open Z-Wave, but those configs have been pushed to the Open Z-Wave project so no one else should have to worry about that in the future.

Once included, here is what I see in Open Z-Wave Control Panel.

Current values

Likewise, here are the available configuration options, which I made a few changes to.


Within Home Assistant, you should see a few different sensors as well as a new binary_sensor.* device.

Installation is with the included anchor and screws, or 3M double-sided tape. For my install, I decided to use this inside a metal cabinet that I use to store ammo, holsters, and other shooting gear. I call it my ammo safe (only because it's shorter than ammo cabinet).

Main sensor installed

Magnet installed

My thoughts

Either I've been really lucky with the sensors I've bought recently, or else things have just gotten better than what was out there a few years ago. Once again, this is a 5 star product to me. Sure it's not the smallest sensor, but I see no reason to pay more for any other sensor. Installation and inclusion are super easy, updates are sent almost instantly, and it just works as expected. These sell for about $27 from The Smartest House, and are also available on Amazon for about $30 (Prime).

TV Room group

My Recommendation

Maybe you're starting a new Z-Wave network, or looking to replace some older non Z-Wave Plus door/window sensors, you should give these a serious look. They aren't the cheapest out there, but you really aren't going to find anything for much less anyway. From my research, the cheapest Z-Wave Plus door/window sensors I've found were about $23, but I don't know anything else about them. Realistically, most people use these on exterior doors, which a typical house is going to have about 3 doors. Less than $100 and you're exterior doors are all covered by a sensor that is easy to setup, and is just going to work. Buy it!

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