[Z-Wave Review] Zooz Power Strip (ZEN20)

ZOOZ Power Strip (model ZEN20)

What is it?

The Zooz Power is a power strip with 5 controllable ports, as well as 2 USB (non-controllable) ports for charing.

This device contains a Z-Wave Plus chip and includes a 1-year warranty.

Why would I want this?

If you have used Z-Wave controllable plugs before, you already know why this power strip is awesome. In a single package, you can control 5 ports which makes this ideal for somewhere like an office or AV rack. Of course, it can be used anywhere else as well. For me, I use this in my office to turn my monitors on when I'm in my office, and turn them off after 30 minutes of no motion has been detected. I also use this to power a LED strip for additional lighting, and to power cycle a Raspberry Pi on the daily (this RPi connects to a monitor and auto-loads a rtsp feed to from the camera on my front porch, so I know when I have visitors or packages delivered).

Does it work?

It absolutely does. Unfortunately, this power strip is a very basic Z-Wave compatible device, and doesn't provide any configuration or power monitoring. After speaking with Zooz support, they informed me that this is one of the first devices they ever made but they have plans to add options and monitoring to a future version they may release.
There is also a button near each of the 5-plugs to manually toggle the switch, which is a nice (and neccessary) feature.

It's also important to note that this power strip is rated for a max TOTAL load of 15 Amps. In most US-based residential settings, a common electrical circuit is going to be 15 or 20 Amps, at 120V.

What's in the box?

Hard cardboard box, with a nice sliding tray. Powerstrip was inside of a thick plastic bag, and also a small documentation booklet (user manual). Overall, top quality for packaging.

Front of box

Once you remove the tray from the box, you find the powerstrip inside of it's bag with the cord neatly contained under a divider.

Inside the box

This was everything that was inside of the box.


Rear of the power strip; take note that this is UL listed.


Was the inclusion easy?

No auto-inclusion here, but inclusion is still easy. Put Z-Wave controller in Inclusion mode, press and release the power button on the strip, and a new on/off device should show up.

Once included with Open Z-Wave, under Current Values you will just see a dropdown menu for each plug, to toggle on and off. As previously said, there are no configuration options so there will be nothing shown under the Configuration menu.

Within Home Assistant, you should see several new switch.* entity_id's. I set a friendly_name to each so that I can more easily identify what I plugged into each plub.


My thoughts

I know that most of my reviews have been based on Zooz products, but I find that their prices are reasonable and their products are at least great, if not perfect. Specifically, this power strip is well built, has a thick long power cord, toggle buttons are lighted and recessed, and overall I'm very happy with it. I would love to see a gen 2 model that included an extra plug (6 total), along with power monitoring, and at least a configuration item to remember plug state to resume after power failure (turn this plug back on if it was on before power loss, etc). I'm sure there are some other nice features that could be added, but I think those 3 things I just said could take this power strip from good, to great. In fact, I think mounting slots would be a simple upgrade so that I wouldn't have to zip tie it to my desk leg. :D

I've notice the price has come down on these since I got mine. As with any other Zooz product, you can buy direct from the only Zooz retailer, The Smartest House for $58.95, or from Amazon for $64.95, with Prime.

My Recommendation

If you just need one controllable plug, I'd suggest the Zooz ZEN07. If you needed 2 controllable plugs, I'd recommend a Z-Wave wall recipticle. If you need more than 2 independently controllable plugs, this power strip is definitely the way to go. In my opinion, the two best use cases would be with powering AV equipment, or computer/office equipment. There are tons of other applications as well, such as powering various lighting devices, etc. This power stip also acts as a repeater, which is awesome. I think the current price around $55-65 is fair for this strip, though I think a great price would be around $40-50. I think it would be nice to see this strip around the $45 price point, and Zooz add a "Pro" model with advanced options, another port, etc for about $60-70.

Regardless, if there is a scenario you have that this could be a solution, I have no reservations telling you that this is the right tool for that job.

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